Wednesday 2 January 2019

In these circumstances, you will not get compensation even if you have a car wreck.

You know that when you buy a car you cannot take it from the showroom on the road until you insure the car. When you do motor insurance, you should consider a lot about what is included in the insurance policy and what does not. It is very important to know. You can buy an insurance policy for a car from anywhere in the market, but the dealer you are buying from the car can also help you with it because they have some insurance companies. Here we discuss the things in which you will find out in which case you will not get compensation in the car accident.

Compensation may be lost in these circumstances

If you bought a car insurance policy for only one year then it should be renewed without any intervals. Otherwise compensation will get a problem.

If your car insurance policy has expired and the new policy has not been purchased you will not get coverage.

If the car is being run into alcohol or any other intoxicant drug and the owner of the car insurance is aware of this, then you will not get compensation if the accident happens.

If you are driving without a valid driving license, you will not get compensation in case of an accident.

Maintenance of the car is also important. Especially if you have damage to the car engine due to oil leakage, then you may have to be deprived of compensation.

Never take rules and guidelines lightly. You will not get compensation even if you violate the car maker's guidelines. 

Third Party Insurance

Third party cover is essential. If your car gets any damage to a third person, then this insurance (third party) compensation is given to you. Third party insurance does not cover the damage to your car and injury to you. In the field of auto insurance, IRDA has made mandatory third-party insurance cover for all new cars and two-wheelers in August for three and five years. This order has been issued after the directive of the Supreme Court.